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Professional Rug Cleaning in Hammersmith W6

Rug Cleaning HammersmithWith us you get the 100% quality guarantee and a safety guarantee which means that no matter how old and weathered your rugs are, you have our promise that our team will do the best they can to restore them back to their previous glory. You will also enjoy:

  • No more toxins used in cleaning agents
  • Dust and dirt accumulation prevention
  • Softer, better feeling rug fibers
  • Preserved natural rug pigments
  • Textile conditioning

Give our dedicated call center a call at and our team of experts will be sure to give you additional information regarding these and a lot more other benefits.

Benefits For You

Give your precious rugs the professional cleaning experience they deserve, our knowledge will not only prolong their lives but also rejuvenate the colour and further protect the fibers from additional dirt and dust accumulation. With over 10 years of experience in the field, Carpet Cleaning Hammersmith W6 is the right company for you. Our technicians are on stand buy from dawn to dusk, waiting for you to call and ask for their expertise.

Service Explanation

Dry cleaning – is the method we go with if we are dealing with more sensitive materials that cannot withstand water or heat treatments. These tend to shrink with high heat and get damaged by water, so we utilise the cleaning and reservation powers of our dry compound – specially designed to work with sensitive materials. This is why this treatment is idea for working on oriental, delicate rugs containing natural fibers like cotton, silk and satin. We apply the dry detergent on the affected area and spread it with a fine brush so it binds with the stain in the most optimal way. It is then left for 15 minutes after which we draw everything out using a vacuum cleaner. You are left with a fresh smelling rug that is ready to use straight away.

Steam cleaning – can be very helpful on synthetic or woolen materials as those can withstand the potent effects of the treatment. A high pressure steam jet is injected into the base of your rug destroying and breaking the links between the stains and the fibers of your rug, this allows for a more thorough clean on even the hardiest of stains – like tar, make up, paint and even paint thinner.

Booking our Professional Service

You can easily book an appointment with us by calling the 24/7 customer hotline at or by joining the instant chat room where the same dedicated team can address all cleaning related questions without a delay. Book today and get a free quote as well as exclusive information on our upcoming deals and offers.