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Reviewed by Steve Owen on Mar 11, 2015

If you have an issue you can’t handle on your own, better call these guys. I’ve had the same coffee stain stare at me from my kitchen carpet floor for ages and I couldn’t get it out. Who knew that salvation was one phone call away. Here’s my advice – don’t waste time and money on DIY projects, just call the people who make a living out of it and watch how it disappears in front of your eyes. Great service, would recommend to everything looking to get a quick, easy and reliable cleaning done at affordable rates.

Reviewed by Gabriel Nerel on Jan 31, 2015

I can really believe how they did it but they did and that’s what’s really important. I’ve had bad experiences with cleaners and was reluctant to book this service, but they did come very highly recommended, so I have them a chance and they did not fail me. I tracked some engine fluids onto the hallway carpet and to say the least, my wife was not happy. I’ve had this stain cleaned several times, but no results until I called these guys. They show great respect for their customers and do their job well, I would definitely hire them again.

Reviewed by Janice Sterimond on Sep 22, 2013

Give these guys a go, or do what I did – ask around and see how many people are satisfied with this service. So much so that their name has become synonymous with reliable cleaners and good results. Having booked them for the third time, I’m at liberty to say that these people know what they are doing. Three different times they come and clean three different stains on different surfaces, and they do it impeccably every time. Fantastic experience, I am looking forward to my next stain : D

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