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Expert Mattress Cleaning in Hammersmith W6

Mattress cleaning HammersmithDo you want to sleep better at night? The key to that is a clean and sanitised mattress. You will be surprised by the difference. Our service covers stain and odour extraction from every mattress type, both of which come with several health and aesthetic benefits. With our service you can expect:

  • Full pet urine and odour removal
  • Dead skin cell cleaning
  • Dust accumulation prevention
  • Bed bug and dust mote extermination
  • Bug carcass and feces removal

If you wan tot learn more about the benefits and are curious call our team over at and they will make sure to give you a full and satisfactory answer.

Have a Look at the Cleaning Benefits

You no longer have to tolerate the nasty critters linger in your bed mattress, nor do you have to wait for a tolerable cleaning service exterminate these nasty critters, because Carpet Cleaning Hammersmith W6 is here, with 10 years of experience in the bed bug and dust mite removal business, we are the people for you. With professional equipment and a can-do attitude we will exterminate and remove even the largest of colonies.

Mattress Cleaning Explained

UV Lights treatment – gives us the ability to once and for all remove the bed bug or dust mite colonies that have be plaguing your family. It is efficient and works without using any detergents, making it one of the most family friendly approaches to the issue. It saves you money on a new mattress and gives you deep, thorough clean. To get a full coverage, we deploy 2-3 U.V Lights over the bed mattress, this way me make sure that no corner is left untreated and allows for a more focused approach that would yield better results. The light is switched on in different intervals to penetrate all the mattress layers. All carcasses and fecal matter are then collected with a powerful vacuum cleaner after which you mattress is ready for use.

Steam cleaning – is a follow up procedure that also can be used as a stain and odour removal treatment. The steam cleans both the inner and outer parts of the mattress, having anti-fungal properties that have a long lasting effect. It breaks down bacterial bonds and removes smells without harming the fibers and materials comprising the mattress. Virtually all moisture is extracted with a powerful vacuum, however, a wait of about 1-2 hours is required as to ensure its full dryness.

Booking our Expert Services

You don’t have t tolerate the bed bugs or dust mites, call our expert cleaners today and we will rid your household of any pest, stain or unpleasant mattress odour possible. Dial or fill out a booking form and we will contact you to finalize and go over the finer details of our visit.