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Professional Curtain Cleaning in Hammersmith W6

Curtain Cleaning HammersmithWith professional help you can enjoy the clean results without having to move a finger or worry about damaging your delicate curtains. With our flexible scheduling and payment systems we give you a pleasant cleaning experience. With the service you will enjoy:

  • No more dust buildup
  • Unpleasant smells are gone
  • Stains and spots extracted
  • Fresh smelling rooms
  • Rejuvenated curtain colours

To learn more about us and the benefits this service has, give us a call at and the 24/7 customer team will make sure to give a satisfactory answer.

Benefits for Hammersmith W6

Are you trying to get rid of an unpleasant smell or have forgotten what the original colours of your curtains were? We as a professional curtain cleaning company situated in the heart of Hammersmith W6 are treating residents and businesses with their stain and dust ridden curtains and blinds. With over 10 years in the business and countless satisfied customers, we can guarantee the best results for an affordable price tag.

Curtain cleaning explained

To ensure the full and proper cleaning of every curtain type, we’ve started implementing couple of different treatments that can deal with stains of all nature, on synthetic and natural materials without damaging the delicate and pristine quality of the curtains or blinds.

Dry cleaning – is our treatment of choice if dealing with wet, industrial strength stains on natural fibered materials like silk, cotton and satin. As they are prone to water and heat damage as well as exhibit some shrinkage when exposed to more potent treatments. The dry compound we use as a cleaning agent allows for a thorough but gentle clean, combining what consumers and cleaners are looking for. We apply the fine dust-like detergent on your curtains then wait for 15 minutes for it to react with the contaminants in the textile. All is then drawn out with a powerful vacuum cleaner and stored in a safe container.

Steam cleaning – is a diverse and flexible treatment that does not require the dismantlement of your curtains or other fixtures. We can apply the cleaning agent on the curtains as they are, helping with the drying time as well as reducing the overall wrinkles formed. The steam cleaning deodorizes, neutralizes stains and discolorations and returns the colour to your weathered curtains.

Booking our services

Give us a call at and get a free quote as well as information on the offers and discounts we offer our clients. We will fit any customer schedule, with the flexible booking system, we do late night and early morning jobs at no extra charge. Call us today!